“The splitting of a single whole and the cognition of its contradictory parts … is the essence (one of the “essentials,” one of the principal, if not the principal, characteristics or features) of dialectics.”

Lenin, On the Question of Dialectics


One Divides Into Two is dedicated to study and research serving the emancipation of the working class. We seek to demonstrate that Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is the living synthesis of the revolutionary experience of the proletariat from 1848 to the present. Only its application will allow us to understand social reality in a scientific manner, advance in theory, and organize the revolutionary process.

An essential task in this regard is to teach and defend the principles of MLM against temporarily dominant forms of idealism and mechanical materialism that can only prepare the ideological ground for weakness and reaction. It is necessary to proceed from the classical texts of the proletarian leaders in opposition to the universal confusion spread by “Left” academics today.

One Divides Into Two participates in seminars, publishes research papers, organizes courses, and promotes the study of the original works of revolutionary Marxism on campuses with the Communist Student Group. If you would like information on attending our courses or starting a Communist Student Group at your school, please contact us: one divides at gmail dot com